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My mission is to help others achieve their goals by using technology while creating positive environments where ever can succeed.


Our Story

Who am I? The guys driven to succeed. Motivated to reach my goals and help others reach theirs. I love sports (football, wrestling, bball), Music (Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet), and I have a creative side as well (how you like this website?). I love to travel (check out the pics) and to just be around good people.

The Vision

Solid leader with entrepreneurial spirit who is currently developing a dynamic social community site that will be used to browse, interact, network and promote yourself, organization, thoughts and ideas to the world.




Founded and developed a new social platform designed to integrate entrepreneurs and small businesses with the people they serve. {More to come as the project hasn't launched.}



People Manager

Excelled in creating positive team environments where exceptional performance was expected. Managed and developed groups of customer service representatives to resolve, sale, and grow the company.


Project AIM


Worked independently to develop partnerships with other not-for-profit and youth organizations to implement developmental assets. Facilitated meetings and training on developmental assets to youth organizations and funders. Participated in grant writing, curriculum development, and volunteerism.




Developed and executing lesson plans for the education of middle school aged students. Taught classes, in multiple subject matter, with a focus on math and computer science. Integrated technology into the classroom by developing a school website, producing a school television show called “Colts Connections” and laptops into lessons, and incorporating active engagement and cooperative learning strategies into lesson planning. Completed over 200 hours of educational workshops.




Advanced to increasingly higher positions within the sports program. Increased budgeting and fund-raising, risk management, administrative task, recording keeping and documentation, interviewing and hiring for assistant coaching and working with school administration. Recruit, motivate and coach athletes of all levels to participate and building a cohesive team that is able to compete.


WYCO Wrestling

Club Director

Created Wyandotte County Kids as a not-for-profit group designed to bring parents and kids together to build strong relationship while competing in the sport of wrestling. Lead a group of over 50 athletes and a host of parents and volunteers. Facilitated athletic instruction and successfully managed all aspects of the program including administration, leading board meetings for parents and community participants, fundraising and working with other community organization for funding, creating and implementing the overall strategy of the program for asst coaches and athletes.


How can my team help you promote your talent, business, or event?"


IsTheCity LLC


Allow our professional team help you take your skill, business, organization or event to the next level with a varity of services.


Event Planning

Our professional event planners have experience with events covering thousands of guest. From wedding, birthdays, corprate events, family reunion and more. Let us plan and organize it for you.


Web Development

Every person, business, and organization needs a website with domain name. Websites are a powerful media that allow you clients to fully understand what you can do. Let us design a dynamic website for you.


Social Networking

Once you have a website, marketing your message via social media is very important. IsThe allow you to promote your message to the people who needs to see it. Let us assist you in social networking.



Coaching, Training, Professional Development are all very vital to any business. We have consultants who can help you with everyting from your business plan to your staff. Let us assist you with your consultant needs.



Camera phones are important because everyone wants to capture the moment. Let us help you capture those memories while you can enjoy yourself. We also to photo sessions as well.



From flyiers, business cards, to websites, social media and more. Let us promote your business or event.


Social Community For Your Metro




iProfileTAG - Promote You


Helping you and your brand to another level.


Your online voice...

Web Designed to Promote

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Design (50%)
Develop (95%)

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A cool creative theme featuring unlimited parallax layers which is extremely unique and fully responsive.

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